An innovative concrete & waterproof solutions

About Us

We H&S Paintopaints Pvt Ltd, a provider of innovative concrete & waterproof solutions for your construction projects. With our revolutionary products, Healer Sealer we offer a breakthrough crystalline technology that enhances the workability, permeability and durability of the concrete. Our solution not only improves the concrete's waterproofing capabilities but also makes building’s heatproof and fireproof, ensuring the longevity and safety of your beautiful buildings.

Why Healer Sealer ?

Healer Sealer crystalline Innovation is self-healing & self-sealing so the concrete itself becomes a water barrier. Whenever any form of water enters the concrete, be it from new cracks or pores, the Healer Sealer crystalline technology triggers new crystals to grow and seal the pores in the concrete. The crystals that formed within the concrete are insoluble and will be resistant to physical damage and do not deteriorate, there is no danger of leaks, tears or punctures. As a result, a building’s durability increases when Healer Sealer crystalline waterproofing systems are used.

How healer sealer act?

Healer Sealer Crystalline waterproofing is a process where the active ingredients in a healer sealer 007 crystalline product react with the free F-CAO and moisture Ca(OH)2, the concrete to form crystals within the capillary system of the concrete, even under high hydrostatic pressure.