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UG Tank External Waterproof

System Buildup

  1. Ensure that the surface is clean and free from all traces of loose materials, old coatings, curing membranes, release agents, laitance, oil, greases etc.
  2. Remove structurally unsound layers and surface containments by abrasive blast tracking or grinding.
  3. Arises Shall be rounded off and surface protrusions shall be ground down to ensure a workable surface.
  4. Use paintocon (A+B) a flexible high alumina cementitious 2 components (3:1) patching mortar for re-profiling defects on horizontal surfaces. Using paintocon should depend on the scope, particular conditions and requirement of the work.
  5. All tie rod holes and construction joints should be properly plugged in with PAINTOCON
  6. All Cracks (which is greater than 1mm) must be open as V groove and thoroughly repaired with Epoxy Crack Healer Sealer.
  7. Coving between horizontal and vertical substrates at 45 degree & 12mm thick-100mm wide to be done with PAINTOCON

  1. After surface preparation and cleaning of the RCC substrates, mark the area where leakage or seepage is observed.
  2. As per the marking done on vertical substrates on leakage, open the crack as V groove, clean the area after crack opening.
  3. After cleaning the crack, pour Healer Sealer 007 in crack evenly, let the chemical be absorbed deep inside the crack.
  4. After 2-3 hours, again pour Healer sealer 007 deep inside the crack.
  5. After fully dried up, now fill the crack with Crack Healer Sealer material.
  6. Ensure that Crack healer sealer material is not hard or tight, slurry type material is recommended so that the material will go well inside the crack and fill all voids or porous gaps.
  7. Finally, with semisolid material crack can be filled completely and match to the existing surface of Roof/slab.


HEALER SEALER 007 a Crystalline Application

  1. After all the cracks are treated well with the designated method as described in 3.6, as per the instruction of Engineer in Charge.
  2. If there is no leakage observed, next step is application of Healer sealer 007 throughout the Vertical Substrates.
  3. Apply 1st coat of Healer Sealer 007 throughout the RCC walls including above filled cracks and leave it to dry, please ensure after application the roof or applicated area shall not be wet or damp. In case of rain please cover the area with tarpaulin sheet or any covering.
  4. Apply 2nd coat only after the 1st coat is completely dried up, preferably the next day.
  5. Protect the applicated surface area for any damage or wash out until it is totally dry.


Healer sealer 007 is a crystallization liquid of specific gravity 1.09 is applied on the prepared surface. The sodium acetate formed during the chemical reaction penetrates inside the pores of the concrete and reacts with water to form active crystals to block the pores.


PAINTOCON a Acrylic Flexible Membrane Application

  1. Application of Paintocon Part A+B (3:1 ratio), 2 components flexible acrylic cementitious membrane as 3rd coat to the 2nd coat of Healer Sealer 007 with roller or brush to avoid mass porosity, surface undulance and voids, lets the Paintocon membrane dry up to 5-6 hours conforming to ASTM D 412-1992 or fully dried to observation.
  2. Direct application of Paintocon (part B), Acrylic Bonding agent as the 4th coat to the 3rd coat of Paintocon (A+B mix) with roller or brush. Let the application dry fully before further treatment. The Work shall be carried out as per the instruction of Engineer in Charge.


PAINTOCON is a two part specially designed acrylic polymer cementitious highly effective components waterproof membrane and repair mortar, used for concrete patch work and repair.


PAINTOFLEXI a Elastomeric Membrane Application

  1. Roof Healer Sealer shall be applied in two coats
  2. 1st coat of Roof healer sealer to be applied with 30-50% water dilution along with HDPE membrane.
  3. Apply the 1st coat and then fix HDPE mesh on it, ensure that mesh must be fixed properly, no crumble accepted.
  4. Let the 1st coat of roof healer sealer treatment be dried up to touch to dry time or fully dried as accepted by the engineer in Charge.
  5. After the drying period 2nd coat of Roof Healer sealer be applied in perpendicular direction. Please note in 2nd coat no dilution of water is allowed.
  6. Protect the waterproofed area until the final coat becomes fully dried.


PAINTOFLEXI - is a single component Waterproof & Heatproof coating based on special acryclic co-polymers which cures SUBSTRUCTURE to form a flexible, elastomeric seamless monolithic membrane. It is applied to provide a complete waterproof solution and has extensive application in the NEW STRUCTURE specially structure below the ground (PCC, RAFT, RETAINING WALL (+/-), PODIUM, WATER TANK & SUNKEN SLAB.

How our crystalline waterproofing system will be benefitted for you?

Your construction schedule shorten
Your workmanship reduced
Your repairs & damages cost reduced
You are savings when expenses reduces 30%
Permeability & durability increases
Warranty 10 years minimum

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The Thirupati Balaji Main dom and Brahmchari ashram building were huge seepage & leakage issues and problems solves through our advanced Crystalline Roof treatment on right time.

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The Yellow Line of Namma Metro is under construction and will form part of the metro rail network for the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The 18.82 km line connects R.V. Road with Bommasandra and is fully elevated with 16 stations. Phase 1 (CSB-Bommasandra) - June 2023; 5 months' time; Phase 2 (RV Road-CSB) - December 2023; 11 months' time.Bangalore Namma metro station waterproofing integrated concrete treatment with Healer Sealer 007 & Roof/Rain Healer Sealer.

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Attara Kacheri in Bangalore, India is the seat of the principal bench of the Karnataka High Court, the highest judicial authority in the state of Karnataka. It is a 125 years old, neoclassical red-painted stone and brick building in Cubbon Park, located on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Road opposite the Vidhana Soudha. Bangalore High court waterproofing roof & concrete treatment with Healer Sealer 007 & Roof & Rain Healer Sealer.

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K R Market (Krishnarajendra Market), also known as City Market, is the largest wholesale market dealing with commodities in Bangalore, India since 1928. A new concrete 3-story structure was erected in the 1990s between the two older buildings. KR Market, City market waterproofing treatment through customize design with Healer Sealer 007 & special co-oplymer mix solutions.

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