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हिलर सीलर 007

Crystalline waterproof coating/primer/additives
  • HEALER SEALER 007, crystalline liquid additives and waterproof coating or base coat is used to minimize permeability and increase the waterproofing properties of concrete, cement and sand mortars for critical applications like new concrete substrates, roof slabs, screeds, basements, external plastering, bathroom floors, water tanks, basement, swimming pool, sumps, drains etc.
  • HEALER SEALER 007, produces water tight concrete through advanced Crystallize pore blocking technology.
  • It reduces the water demand when applied as base coat or coating (+ve/-Ve sides of walls).


High Permeability reduction, more than 90% reduction in permeability

Reduces chloride & sulphate permeability

Waterproofing self crack sealing & breathing properties

Increases resistance to weathering, such as wetting and drying and freeze-thaw cycle.

Protecting concrete from corrosion of reinforcing steel

Non toxic, water base & solvent free

Healer Sealer 007 - For Crystalline waterproof

  • Crystalize Liquid waterproof coatings/additives, Instant and complete dispersion throughout the substrates with self healing & sealing properties.
  • Uniform waterproofing throughout concrete surface, reduces shrinkage & cracking.
  • High efficiency, dramatic reduction in permeability of cement/ mortar more than 90%.
  • Improves workability of cement mortar, even where harsh sands are used.
  • HEALER SEALER 007 protects when used as coating or additives or base coat to structure against water penetration and water damage for a long time.
  • HEALER SEALER 007 Increases resistance to weathering, such as wetting and drying and freeze- thaw cycle.
  • Increases resistance to Chloride ion.
  • Reduced primary and secondary efflorescence on structures.
  • Protection against de-icing salts Non-toxic-ideal for potable water.

  • Concrete: HEALER SEALER 007 is recommended for positive/negative side of concrete waterproofing and roof, external wall, internal wall surface treatment as coating.
  • Mortar: HEALER SEALER 007 is ideal for use with all sand/cement mortars where it is required to reduce permeability to a minimum.
  • Paint: HEALER SEALER 007 will be used as waterproof paint when its mix with Putty, Primer or even any kind of paint.
  • Dosage for Cement Mortar additives use 15% of total weight per 50 Kgs of cement.
  • Coverage as coating 40-45 SQFT/LT.
  • Proper placement and curing are essential to achieve the performance and benefits of HEALER SEALER 007.

  • HEALER SEALER 007 - Crystalline liquid coatings/additives is suitable for all concrete work requiring water protection such as foundation pre-cast elements, concrete for structures below the ground & above the ground etc.
  • HEALER SEALER 007 is particularly suited for base coat, paints, mortar and plaster requiring waterproofing against chemical attack, chloride ion and weathering etc
  • Life Span: Will increase the life of concrete structures.
  • Will provide best quality to cost ratio in the industry.
  • Prevention: Its prevent reinforcing steel from chemical attacks.
  • Lowers overall waterproofing costs.
  • Reduces cost of maintenance and repairs.

Properties Result
Appearance Cloudy white liquid
Specific Gravity 1.09g/cc
Tensile strength 41.5kg/cm sq.
Permeability to water <10%
Permissible dilution 1:2
Compatibility can be used in concrete, mortar, brick & block work
Curing period Touch dry-4-5 hours in bright sunlight
Dosage Till concrete is saturated while applied as coating
Coverage 4 sqm/Lt/coat after dilution
(may depend upon condition of substrate)


(Q.) Healer sealer 007 is a liquid or powder form?
(A.) It is a crystalline liquid form

(Q.) Where it can be used?
(A.) It can be used as coating ( by brush, Roller & Spray) on concrete and plaster surfaces.

(Q.) What is the dosage if used for plaster mortar?
(A.) It should not be mixed inside concrete or plaster but used as a coating instead. For surface coatings the proportion can be vary from 1:0.5 to 1:1 to 1:2 (chemical: water) depending upon the surface condition. In any case the proportion shall not exceed 1:2 ratio.

(Q.) After how many days after casting of concrete, coating of healer sealer 007 can be applied?
(A.) After completion of 7-14 days curing period.

(Q.) Can it be used for coating after de-shuttering of formwork to reduce time or curing period?
(A.) No, minimum curing period for concrete structure is essential.

(Q.) Will the strength of concrete be vary with respect to normal if it is poured inside concrete?
(A.) Concrete Surface coating recommended, HS007 shall not be mixed inside concrete.

(Q.) Will there be any kind of smell after application?
(A.) No

(Q.) What is the coverage if applied on single or double coat?
(A.) Single coat- 75-80 sqft/lit double coat – 40 sqft/lit

(Q.) What is the sku available?
(A.) 1 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt, 50 lt & 200 lt

(Q.) Will healer sealer 007 to be used as pure or in diluted form?
(A.) Depends on surface conditions.

(Q.) What is Healer Sealer 007?
(A.) Healer Sealer 007 is a crystalline Pore blocking technology in which it penetrates in to the concrete surface and block all the voids.

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With our revolutionary product, Healer Sealer we offer a breakthrough crystalline technology that enhances the workability, permeability, and durability of the concrete.

With our revolutionary product, Healer Sealer we offer a breakthrough crystalline technology that enhances the workability, permeability, and durability of the concrete.