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  • PAINTOCON - HEALER SEALER is a Two parts specially designed polymer cementitious components waterproof coating for Plaster Repair Mortar used for Concrete patch Work and repair. It is made of Portland Cement fine Quartz and Special Additives.


Waterproof,nomoreseepage & leakage

Non toxic, water base & solvent free

Upto 10 Years of protection

  • To increase adhesion characteristics for base for waterproofing.
  • Improve tensile flexural and compressive strength as using Plasters, Mortars, Coving & Plugging.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces while allowing concrete to breathe moisture naturally.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals & anti carbonation coating and resistant properties.
  • Low Labor Costs, Minimum surface preparation needed.
  • Non-toxic-ideal for potable water tanks
  • Damp proof - Excellent for damp-proofing structures.
  • Good resistance to Chloride ion diffusion
  • Reduced shrinkage and shrinkage cracking

  • For Coatings, Plasters, Mortars, Coving & Plugging: Mix thoroughly 15KG PAINTOCON POWDER with 5L PAINTOBOND MIX to form a lump free viscous slurry. Damp the surface sufficiently and then brush the slury. For best result prime the surface with HS Epoxy bonding to fil voids and pores.
  • PAINTOCON slurry can be applied by brush. DO NOT dilute with water. Recommended total coverage rate is approximately 100 Sq Ft/bag at even 5 mm thickness.

  • PAINTOCON used as waterproof coating on damp area.
  • PAINTOCAON can be used as waterproof mortar, plaster, coving, plugging etc
  • PAINTOCON can be used in exposed application and for inverted concrete surfaces, both for new as well as old buildings.
  • PAINTOCON can be on surfaces prone to heat and fire to reduce fire risks
  • PAINTOCON will increase the life of concrete structures and provide best quality to cost ratio in the industry.
  • PAINTOCON will prevent reinforcing steel from chemical attacks
  • Resistant to FREEZE THAW CYCLE

Properties Result
Specific Gravity(liquid) 1.04 +/- 0.05
Service Temperature 20 to 110 degrees centigrade
Pot Life 30 mins
Elongation at break min 50% at 20 degree centigrade
Tensile strength 1.6
Crack bridging No cracking up to 1mm
Adhesion to concrete 1.05
Curing Touch dry-4 hour,Full cure 5-7 days
Recoating 24 hours
Toxicity Non toxic
Permeability Nil under 5 bar pressure


(Q.) What is the use of paintocon?
(A.) Paintocon is used as waterproof coating and concrete repairing material which can be used to maintain the surface undulance.

(Q.) What is the composition?
(A.) Paintocon is a 2-part component,1st part is powder mixture of additives and 2nd part is acrylic liquid form.

(Q.) What is the packing size?
(A.) Packaging comes in to 3kg (2kg powder+1kg liquid) and 15kg (10kg powder+5 kg liquid).

(Q.) What is the proportion to mix?
(A.) Nominal mixing done in the ratio of 1:2(liquid chemical: powder chemical). However as per site condition it can be modified as per Engineers instruction.

(Q.) How many coats of application required?
(A.) 1-2 coat application required depending upon substrate condition.

(Q.) What is the shelf life of the product?
(A.) 12 months from the date of packaging.

(Q.) Can tie rod holes be filled with paintocon?
(A.) Yes, Paintocon is used to fill tie rod hole filling and joint repairing.

(Q.) Is it required in every application whether horizontal or vertical?
(A.) Yes as a part of complete process, it forms a layer which act as waterproof coat and maintain the level of base surface.

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With our revolutionary product, Healer Sealer we offer a breakthrough crystalline technology that enhances the workability, permeability, and durability of the concrete.

With our revolutionary product, Healer Sealer we offer a breakthrough crystalline technology that enhances the workability, permeability, and durability of the concrete.