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  • HEALER SEALER INJECTION GROUT is a solvent free innovative single component very low viscous liquid polymer grout waterproof system. It is used to seal & inject cracks in concrete joints, floors, walls & structures because it provides deep penetration, shrink free solid mass, strong bonding inside the cracks and excellent resistance to honey combing & chemicals.


Waterproof, no more seepage & leakage

Non toxic, water base & solvent free

Upto 10 Years of protection

  • HEALER SEALER INJECTION GROUT, because of very low viscosity its seals & bonds strongly with cracks of concrete specially concrete joints, bathrooms, floors & walls and protects damage  of the concrete substrate.
  • Excellent adhesion to cement substrate even under salt water & moisture.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces while allowing concrete to breathe moisture naturally.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals & anti carbonation coating and resistant properties.
  • Low Labor Costs, Minimum surface preparation needed.
  • Non-toxic-ideal for potable water tanks.
  • Damp proof - Excellent for damp-proofing structures.
  • Good resistance to Chloride ion diffusion.
  • Reduced shrinkage and shrinkage cracking.

  • Port Fixing - Holes are drilled at intervals of 1m all along the construction joint area & nozzle ports are fixed into it thereby making it suitable which is used as entry & venting terminals for pressure grouting.
  • Plugging - All the opened joints are tightly plugged using Trace-n-Plug, a mixture of PAINTOCON & PAINTOBOND thereby blocking further seepage of water.
  • Injection Grouting - Providing and Pumping HEALER SEALER INJECTION GROUT through port by using Grouting machine with a pressure of 9000PSI complete as per the specifications.

  • Because of low viscosity HEALER SEALER INJECTION GROUT is strong bonding, higher strength development than existing concrete, shrink free nature & waterproofing characteristics, makes it suitable for repairs of heavy concrete structures like bridges, dams, buildings, etc.
  • HEALER SEALER INJECTION GROUT can be used for ALL CONCRETE JOINTS specially for bathrooms waterproofing, both for new as well as old buildings.
  • HEALER SEALER INJECTION GROUT can be on surfaces prone to heat and fire to reduce fire risks.
  • HEALER SEALER INJECTION GROUT will increase the life of concrete structures and provide best quality to cost ratio in the industry.
  • HEALER SEALER INJECTION GROUT will prevent reinforcing steel from chemical attacks.
  • Resistant to FREEZE THAW CYCLE.

Properties Results
Mixing ratio-Base:Hardener(by weight) 100:60
Pot life @ 30 deg C & 65% RH,mins 80-150
Sp.Gravity @30 deg C 1.1+/-0.05
Initial setting time,Hrs. 6
Compressive strength,N/mm2 > 40 - 1 days 

> 70 - 7 days

Flexural Strength N/mm2 Tensile Tensile strength, N/mm2

> 30 -7 days 

> 15 -7 days

Water permeability,% Nil
Bond Strength,KN Concrete failure
Viscousity on brookfield RVT model @ 30 deg C 200-400


(Q.) Why it is used?
(A.) It is used to treat the water prone structure of leakage and seepage issue. In Injection grouting polymer or cementitious grout chemical is inserted in to the structure through high pressure.

(Q.) What are the steps involved in Injection Grouting?
(A.) Injection grouting involves the following steps 1. Port Fixing 2. Plugging 3. Injection grouting

(Q.) What are the Types of Injection grouting?
(A.) Painto Polymer Grouting & Cementitious Grouting.

(Q.) Where all it can be used?
(A.) Roof/Terraces, Bathrooms, Retaining walls, Basements, Tanks, Swimming Pool Etc.

(Q.) What are the SKU Available?
(A.) 1 Liter, 5 Liter, 20 Liter, 50 Liter & 100 Liter.

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With our revolutionary product, Healer Sealer we offer a breakthrough crystalline technology that enhances the workability, permeability, and durability of the concrete.

With our revolutionary product, Healer Sealer we offer a breakthrough crystalline technology that enhances the workability, permeability, and durability of the concrete.